“This is Joyce May in Stephenville and I’m doing a testimonial for Dr. Haley. He has recently made new dentures for me. I have worn dentures for like 50 years and I’ve had a number of different labs make them for me but I’ve never been as pleased as I am with the ones that I have now. He has been excellent. His staff has been excellent and I am thrilled with the outcome. I don’t know a better testimonial than that that I can give.” – Joyce M.” – Implant Patient

“This is Jane Elliot from Stephenville Texas regarding my care under Dr. James Haley, he did a dental implant for me, he also had to do an extraction and a buildup so I am very pleased. He is an excellent dentist. All his staff are so professional and so helpful. Anyway my experience with him has been really good.” – Jane Elliot – Implant Patient

“Dr. Jim Haley has very special feelings for his patients and it shows. He is by far the best dentist I’ve ever know. He has done crowns, luminaries, root canals, fillings, cleanings on me and I have total trust in his abilities and I recommend him to anyone. This is Caroline Cookie Tomson.” – Caroline Tomson – Crowns, Lumineers Patient

“My name is Bill Tomson and Dr. Jim Haley is the best dentist I have ever known, I trust him completely with all my dental work. We genuinely recommend him to everyone that needs dental work. He’s done all sorts of work root canal, crowns, fillings.. He is just a superb individual. Thank you.” -Bill Tomson – Root Canal, Crowns Patient

“Hi this is Pat M. I am calling in regards to Dr. James Haley, Dentist in Stephensville. He’s been my family dentist for 12 years. I’ve had nothing but good response from him and his staff. His staff is so awesome I almost feel like they’re my family. Dr. Haley I feel so comfortable with, I know he is going to be there for me anytime I need him. He is always very concerned, has done alot of things for me that are extra and I so appreciate it. My husband also goes to him and we are both extremely pleased with our care from both Dr. Haley and his staff. Thank you.” – Pat

“My name is C.B Sutton calling about Dr. Haley. He is not only a caring dentist, he is a gentle dentist which is good for me because I am a big patient when it comes to dental needs. What I like the most about Dr. Haley is he is always glad to see you, it doesn’t matter if you’re in his, spending money with him or if he sees you at Walmart or at a sporting event where one of the kids are involved. He just always is the same guy and I really respect him- alot of Doctors are not. And I’ve referred all of my friends to him, some of them actually go but anyway I appreciate this opportunity for talking about him because he is worth talking about. Thank you.” – C.B. Sutton

“Professional and respectful, they’re really good at their jobs in the office of James W. Haley Jr. I had not been to a dentist in years, and this was due to bad experiences in the past. Nervous, I honestly expected to be disappointed again. Dr. Haley and his staff were not disappointing, they were a wonderful surprise! I walked into the office with the intention of just looking to see if this would be a place I would even consider. The warm and professional greeting I received from the desk clerk resulted with my making an appointment. Considerate of my schedule, there was no long wait. One visit, I had a very short wait after the actual schedule time, the desk clerk, assistant, technician and dentist all apologized for the wait. Someone even came around to the waiting room offering bottled water. They truly want you to be comfortable, even in the waiting room. Dr. Haley and his staff know the meaning of professionalism and courtesy. I didn’t know that it was possible for me to feel so relaxed and comfortable in a dentist office. Or that every staff member could be so sensitive to my needs. Procedures were explained and questions were encouraged, and the questions were answered to my satisfaction. They work hard at making sure you don’t suffer embarrassment or discomfort. There was genuine concern for me, not just another patient, but as an individual they wanted to help. The final result of their dedication: They have restored my faith in the dental profession. And I proudly wear a new and beautiful smile on my face. I can’t thank them enough, and I’m so grateful I found them.” – Carla

“Thanks to Dr. Haley for his dental expertise with true caring for my comfort. Dr. Haley has improved my overall health with his recommendations of different choices for a beautiful smile. The entire staff treats me like family. I would never consider going anywhere else. They truly care about me and it shows. Thanks to them all for caring.” – Donna Dowell

“Thank you so much for taking time from your family during the Thanksgiving holiday to help Parker! It is so very rare that people will do that in these times. Hope all is well, and you all have a happy, prosperous new year!” – Jim & Margaret Goetze